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COMPASS Pools is the only manufacturer worldwide to offer genuine, patented carbon ceramic pools. The technology is backed by over 40 years of research and professional development experience. 

COMPASS Pools is committed to producing high quality pools and is always striving to keep up with the latest technologies or even develop them itself. Its pools are manufactured using the finest materials available and products must undergo rigorous quality control processes to ensure that the pools sold to customers reflect the advertised excellence without exception.

Because COMPASS Pools uses only the highest quality materials and the latest technologies, it can offer a 40-year manufacturer’s guarantee on the structure of the pools it produces! The ceramic core (patent PN1690) and the carbon fibre structure allow the pools to be installed without a concrete substrate, which results in a significant cost reduction and speeds up the installation process.

COMPASS Pools are highly customisable. They are available in twelve different colours, which can be chosen to match the natural water bodies, such as the ocean, lagoons, rivers, etc., of your choice! The surface of the pools is non-porous, and the 3D colours available give the pool an exclusive look.

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